Better ways to get paid on regular basis using P2P transfers

Do you feel like you are stuck with PayPal? Are you one of those who suffered because you got locked out of your account? Have you ever experienced suddenly becoming limited and not being able to send money nor cash out?


PayPal jail?

When your funds are placed on hold for 21 days when a new client sends your payment, it is a horrible experience. You need to contact customer service then wait for their response about getting your payment transaction out of PayPal jail. It is such a hassle and it takes time before your funds are released.

Not knowing when your funds will arrive

Then, you have to cash out to your linked account. If you are linked to a financial institution that can provide instant cash out of the state-backed currency to your local currency, you have the advantage. Yet, if your PayPal is linked to your bank account or card, it will take a day or more for the funds to appear. The trouble with that kind of cash out transaction is that you never know the exact date or time when the funds will be credited to your account.

A better way to get paid

If you have been searching for a better way to get paid on a regular basis, there is this money services company like that provides you with their advance payment solutions. They have a peer-to-peer (P2P) app, just like PayPal but without the headaches. You’ll enjoy the advantages of using this app for getting paid on a regular basis as you can get the money instantly. Another advantage is that your client doesn’t have to pay for any transaction fees, at all! This P2P app allows the sending of funds for free!

Peer-to-peer transactions

The better way to get paid is using this money services app for a peer-to-peer payment transaction. You’ll be delighted to discover that there are more ways to get your remittances when using this multi-functional app. You can use it for traditional bank-to-bank transfers or for wire transfers. It enables you to fund your cards and you’ll also have an e-wallet. 

You have a choice

For several years, there was no other better choice but to use PayPal for online remittance. The problems that people encounter when using PayPal no longer exist when you use the app of this reputable money services company. You’ll be able to get your funds, instantly, without your client having to pay for any transaction fee.

Other financial transactions

With the development of technology, you can now do more when using your mobile device. If you have this P2P app, you can also use it for other financial transactions. These transactions include international and local bank transfers, card funding, and wire transfers. You can also get a USE or EURO virtual card that can be funded by your clients.

The power to transact

The best way to get paid is to use this money services app that enables you to make peer-to-peer transactions and more. You’ll have the power to transact using different methods when you have this advanced payment solutions app.